Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine
Grand Parkway ER is committed to providing the absolute possible care experience possible for our patients. Providing this comprehensive level of care means providing treatment that considers all areas of the patient’s lives and fully meets those needs. One major element of many people’s lives is there work life. That’s why Grand Parkway ER has implemented a high quality occupational medicine program.

What Is Occupational Medicine?

Occupational Medicine is also occasionally referred to simply as Occ-Med. It is an area of medicine focusing on the occupational health of patients. Occ-Medd strives to ensure that the patient is completely fit to handle their work duties and can perform all requisite functions without harming their health. Occupational medicine also focuses on making sure that the work environment itself is completely safe and healthy for the patient and that it doesn’t constitute a dangerous or toxic environment.

To meet these goals ccupational medicine takes the full range of patient life conditions into consideration when planning for things like surgery, rehabilitation, physical therapy, or other treatments. This helps ensure that the patient’s care is optimized to meet the needs of their individual lifestyle as well as their professional life.

Why Is Occupational Medicine an Instrumental Part of Treatment?

The reason occupational medicine is such an instrumental part of medical treatment because a person’s career is usually one of the most fundamental aspects of their lives. People’s careers not only provide the livelihood they need to take care of themselves and their families, it also provides the resources they need to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives. Finally, people typically spend around 40 hours a week, or sometimes more, at work. This makes the workplace a core area that can impact health.

Thus, it is crucial for sick or injured workers who undergo treatment or surgery to get back on their feet as soon as possible so that they can continue their day-to-day lives, including work, without compromising their health or safety. Occupational medicine meets those needs

Occupational medicine aims to reduce sick days, minimize workplace disruption, and create an environment that fosters recovery. That’s why occupational medicine is extremely beneficial not only to patients but also to employers. Finally, Occ-Med may even benefit doctors, nurses, or other healthcare workers by providing greater insight into patients and allowing treatment to be done in accordance with the full context of their lives.

Occupational medicine further benefits employers and employees alike by helping to decrease the number of OSHA reportable and OSHA recordable events.

About Grand Parkway ER’s Occupational Medicine Program

Grand Parkway ER has a high quality occupational medicine program. Our ER physicians can consult with occupational medicine physicians to workout a treatment program that meets the full needs of the patient. We can also confer with industrial plants and workplace facilities to make sure the work environment is safe and healthy. This allows Grand Parkway ER and our occupational medicine program to meet a crucial need for our local area by ensuring that all patients have a happy, productive, healthy standard of living.