Do You Have an Insect Allergy?

As spring arrives, so do the bugs. We’re all swatting at mosquitoes in the evenings and avoiding honeybees that we see gathering around flowerbeds. But what if you have a severe bug allergy and don’t know it? Let’s discuss these […]

Mind Diet Recipe: Southwest Chicken Soup

About the Mind Diet This week is Brain Awareness Week, and we wanted to share one of Grand Parkway Emergency Center’s favorite Mind Diet recipes to celebrate. The Mind Diet is a series of guidelines for your family’s diet that […]

6 Signs of Heart Attacks in Women

This month, during American Heart month, Grand Parkway Emergency Center wants to bring awareness of heart attack symptoms to our female patients. The American Heart Association tells us that women are less likely to recognize heart attacks in themselves than […]

Boosting Your Immune System for Spring

As we all eagerly wait for spring, it is important to keep your immune system in tip-top shape. The immune system is your body’s natural defense, kind of like your body’s own little army fighting against germs. We all want […]

The ABCs of a Broken Bone

Buckle, greenstick, sprain, and transverse! These terms are just some of the many ways that doctors diagnose broken bones. But what do they mean? Whether you’ve broken a bone before or not, you have probably heard these words tossed around […]

Grand Parkway Emergency Center wins Best ER Award

Opened in 2011, Grand Parkway Emergency Center has been committed to providing concierge level emergency care to Richmond’s community for six years. So, it is with great pride that we announce Grand Parkway Emergency Center has received the “2017 Best […]

How to Identify Signs and Symptoms of PTSD

Almost 8% of all Americans will experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at some point within their lives. PTSD is a serious, even life-threatening disorder, that results from a traumatic event like car accidents, physical and sexual assaults, military combat and […]

Learn More About How Nurses Impact Your Emergency Care

Did you know that nurses are the largest professional group in the U.S.? It’s no wonder considering that nurses provide the majority of general patient and long-term care. So for this National Nurses Week, we’re shining the spotlight on one […]

How to Prevent These 4 Common Outdoors Injuries

Summer heat is finally creeping in, which means it’s time for some outdoors fun in the sun. But without the proper safety measures and outdoors preparedness, your wilderness adventure can take a dangerous, even deadly turn. Keep reading to learn […]

5 Health Risks Of Alcohol Abuse You Shouldn’t Ignore

Excessive alcohol use is the fourth leading preventable cause of death in the U.S., but do you know what is considered excessive? If you’re a man, 15 drinks or more weekly over an extended period of time is considered alcohol […]