Urgent Care Vs. Grand Parkway Emergency Center

Patients needing immediate medical assistance may be be tempted to seek out an Urgent Care Clinic. However, it is important to note that Grand Parkway Emergency Center provides many advantages to urgent care centers. Patients should consider these differences carefully to determine the best choice. The following table highlights the differences between Grand Parkway Emergency Center’s services vs. an urgent care clinic.

Grand Parkway Emergency Center vs Urgent Care Clinic

Urgent Care Grand Parkway Emergency Center
X-Rays ?
Open 24/7 ?
Basic Onsite Lab Tests ?
IV Fluids, Medications ?
Oxygen, Asthma Nebulizers
Emergency Trained Doctors
Overnight Observation
CT Scan
Cardiac Onsite Lab Tests
ACLS, ATLS, PALS Credentialing
Integrated with Disaster Mgmt
Licensed/Regulated Facility
Wait Times 15-30 min <5 min